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Name:Amanda Brigid Fitzpatrick
Birthdate:May 31
Born and raised in Dublin, Amanda Fitzpatrick is an Irish girl through and through. Sweet, sassy, and full of energy, she refuses to let life get her down. She's the middle child in her family, with one older brother, and one younger. She was barely over a year old when Euan was born, and though their eldest brother was quite a bit older than they were, the family were all quite close in her younger years.

It was during her first year in school at the tender age of 5 that Mandy met Keiran O'Leary, who was a schoolmate in her year. They grew very quickly to be the best of friends (once Mandy made it very clear to Keiran that if he tugged her ponytail, she wouldn't share her snack with him), and ended up spending as much time together as they could from the time they were wee. As they grew up together, their very special friendship blossomed into something much more, and by the time they were in high school, they'd fallen very much in love. It was Keiran that Mandy lost her virginity to on a trip to Rossnowlagh Beach with his family over summer holidays from school. Everyone was well convinced that the pair would marry soon after high school, and everyone very much included Mandy and Keiran. So it came as no surprise when, a few days after they graduated, Keiran asked Mandy to marry him. She agreed, and thus began a whirlwind summer of preparing for a wedding, in the midst of watching her own family struggle to keep it together with baby brother Euan very much headed down the wrong path. While their eldest brother had gone off to America, and Mandy was happily in a relationship with her childhood sweetheart, Euan was struggling like hell to find his way, and the family were at a loss as to what to do as he fell deeper and deeper into the wrong crowds, and got more and more hooked on hard drugs.

Mandy's wedding would never come to be. The day before she was to get married, with all of their family from all over the place gathered in Dublin for the wedding, but Euan quite glaringly absent, Mandy called Keiran and asked him to meet her at the apartment they'd gotten together after graduation so that they could talk. Right there, she broke down in tears, revealing to him that, as much as she loved him, she knew that they couldn't get married. She had dreams she needed to chase, a career to build, and she couldn't see herself getting married so young and never knowing what life was like outside of Dublin and the way they grew up. Both of them were heartbroken, but as awful an experience as it was, they knew that they were doing the right thing in calling off the wedding. They made love that night for what would be the last time before Mandy left only a few days later for university in London.

Before she left for London, though, she sought out Euan, not wanting to leave without telling her baby brother goodbye. She'll never forget that day as long as she lives. She was directed by several too-skinny junkies to a house where she would supposedly find Euan, and when she did, he was a mess. She didn't even recognize him, the brother she'd known and grown up with all but wasted away into nothingness. It was a heartbreaking moment, and when she had to leave, she hugged him goodbye, and was sure she could feel his bones through his clothes. She went home that night, and spent the whole night crying, convinced that she'd just seen Euan for the last time.

Thankfully, however, when Euan hit absolute rock bottom, their parents stepped in, sending their youngest son to the US to live with their older brother, who would eventually give Euan the help he needed to straighten his life out, not only leaving behind his sordid past, but choosing to become a police officer. Mandy couldn't have been prouder of her brother and the change he'd made in his life, growing to be a real man.

Music had always been a passion of hers, and she could play guitar and sing, but more than that, she loved working behind the scenes to see everything from the biggest events to the smallest details come together. For this reason, she majored in and graduated with a degree in Music Industry and Events Planning. In her senior year, she scored an internship with the organizers of a huge music festival just outside of London. After graduation, she got an entry level position with a small record company in London, and slowly began working her way up the ladder. She was doing quite well for herself in London, and it was when her parents came to visit her there that they tragically lost their lives in the London Bombings. The loss of her parents was almost too much to bear, but Mandy's brothers joined her in London, and the time spent with them was what helped her to get through it. For a long time, though, Mandy struggled with blaming herself for the fact that her parents were even there during the attack, and it took a great deal of time spent with her family, none of whom blamed her, and a ton of soul searching before Mandy ever found any peace with things.

When brother Euan discovered the existence of a son born after a terrible mistake as a teenager, Mandy stepped right into the role of Aunty, proud of the way that Euan took to being a father, no matter how difficult it might have been for him. But London was never a place that U wanted to stay, and when he went back home to the US, Mandy uprooted from her established career in London and followed him to the States.

Upon arrival there, she got into contact with Aiden Lewis through the connection of Keiran's cousin, Tara, who was best friend and fag hag to Aiden's husband, Patrick. He was able to get her a job within his company, and is now hoping to be able to land her a gig as PA to Angel Shaw. In the meantime, she's working hard, and keeping a close eye on her brothers (mainly Euan), and her nephew, completely unaware that an old face from the past may very well be re-establishing his presence as a very regular part of her life again, soon.

[Mandy Fitzpatrick is an original character for the OC verse [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. All writings are the property of the writer. Miranda Lambert is the face used to portray Mandy, and belongs to herself.]
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