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Business Line: You've reached Amanda McLoughlin, personal assistant to Angel Shaw. Please leave a message with the reason for your call and the best means to contact you, and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Personal Line: Hi, it's Mandy. Leave me a message, and I'll call you back ASAP!
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Born and raised in Hurlers Cross, County Clare, Amanda is an Irish girl through and through. Sweet, sassy, and full of energy, she refuses to let life get her down. Dyed in the wool Irish though she may be, Amanda’s dreams were far bigger than her tiny village. She was engaged to be married to a dear friend and schoolmate at 18, but the day before the wedding, she dropped the bomb that she couldn’t see herself spending the rest of her life married and having babies in her little village. A bigger world was calling, and she was off to London for uni.

Music had always been a passion of hers, and she could play guitar and sing, but more than that, she loved working behind the scenes to see everything from the biggest events to the smallest details come together. For this reason, she majored in and graduated with a degree in Music Industry and Events Planning. In her senior year, she scored an internship with the organizers of a huge music festival just outside of London.

It was through this internship that she met Blaine Anderson, when she accompanied one of the coordinators to a meeting. The pair hit it off quite well, and kept in contact until Amanda’s graduation. She was offered a job in PR with Sony BMG, but chose, instead, to take one far more close to her heart, as Blaine’s PA.

The pair grew very close over the years, and Amanda is the honest, if sometimes sassy, voice of reason in Blaine’s life when he needs it. Not only is she his appointment maker (and breaker), but she’s also a friend, counselor, advisor, and first responder, having taken it on herself to get extra training in dealing with Blaine’s epilepsy.

It was her close knowledge of Blaine that led her to press him to go to the reunion, and her fierce loyalty to him that let her to pack her bags without question, and relocate to New York City, where she remains by his side, trying to make everything easier for him as he reconnects with Kurt.

In the meantime, she’s busy, but not too busy to find time for a little fun of her own. After all... why move to New York and miss out on all the fun that the Big Apple has to offer?

[Disclaimer: Amanda is a character in the Glee fandom for backwithbaggage. She is my creation, but Glee is not, nor is Miranda Lambert, who is just the lovely face I chose. ;)]


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